Random old family photos part 2

Family photo.
My mother telling my sister to look directly into the sun.
Me and my dad on that same day.
In class.
Coming home.
Waiting for what exactly. The school was literally across the street from our house.
My sister’s first day of school September 5, 1972. She’s five so…kindergarten?
Santa Claus.
Santa Claus.
My dad playing Santa Claus. 1972.
Christmas 1971. Bert!
“What does that look mean, sis?”
Sister. This might be in Carnegie.
Parents dancing. My dad was an award winning dancer and appeared on local tv regularly. My mother was also a good dancer. Dancing is what brought them together.
Mother and sister.
Riding the dual seat swing with the redheaded girl who keeps popping up.
Riding the dual seat swing with the redheaded girl who keeps popping up.
My sister or unknown girl by some pretty tulips.
My sister, a friend on the right, and maybe our cousin Amy on the left.
Swinging high.
I never had the guts to try swinging upside down.
Playing in our sandbox. Another great invention.
Dad cutting the grass.
My sister on a swing.
Mom showing dad something in the kitchen.
My sister under a tree.
A trolley and awesome old cars in The French Quarter.
Jackson Square. Built to commemorate The 1815 Battle of New Orleans, fought between the British Army and the US Army. The US won, led by Andrew Jackson. It is also the site where, in 1803, Louisiana became a part of the US.
The French Quarter
Al’s Annex. Appears to be/have been a jazz club.
Mom and dad in New Orleans. Had no idea until I saw these photos that they went to New Orleans.
With Santa Christmas 1972. Guess it hadn’t snowed yet.
Gun matches the clothes.
When toy guns were just that…toys.
That is Grant St or Morgan Elementary school behind my sister. I don’t remember ever attending this school.
Friends plus sister.
Me and my sister holding what I believe to be our uncle’s twins.
My sister on the slide.
Swing sets were a big deal.
My sister’s fourth birthday party. Don’t know who the baby is.
My sister and I in the yard.
At my grandparent’s. My grandfather, father, and their friend Duffy (?).

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