California Trip

Family trip to Los Angeles in 1975 or 1976. My memories from this trip are being knocked over by a crashing wave and getting a mouthful of salt water, my cousin swinging a giant pole at some kids who were threatening us, my Aunt Dee’s house on the hill had a great view, was huge, and had almost no furniture (my mother said that’s how Californians lived. Their homes were so expensive they couldn’t afford furniture.). We did go to Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland, both of which were a blast. The photos from those will show up later.

My brother and cousin.
My mother and sister, me and my father.
In the pool at my cousin’s house.
My cousin Chuck, his wife and daughter. Chuck was a preacher who started his own church.

My brother in a playpen. Playpen’s are standard beach equipment still, yeah?
Photo bomb 70s style. Me and my sister. Cigarettes and beer were never too far away.

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