The Daily Blue

A post where everyday, or almost everyday, or maybe even multiple times a day, I will post pictures of my Blue, who passed away in 2009 at the age of sixteen. I know this is at least twelve years too late but I am a massive procrastinator so…

Are drop ceilings still a thing?
Under my dresser.
Blue loved laying under furniture.
Blue napping on a visit to my apartment.
Blue enjoying the heat from the sunlight.
I wish I still had the alarm clock. Like most people I use my phone and I end up staring into my phone until 2:00am every night.
Christmas time, a tube tv, and the back is gone from the entertainment center.
Looks like I cleaned up that mess.
Blue hanging out on my bed at my old apartment. I don’t understand the giant mess in the corner nor had I learned about covering boxsprings.
Blue and Greta checking things out.
A wider view of the same photo from below. That thing on the table is called a Yellow Page phone book.
“Hi! You surprised me!”
Blue looking up and wondering if she was going to have to walk up those rickedy stairs to get back into the house.
Blue lounging on the couch. From around 1996. I see the notebook I used when I was attending Robert Morris University.
A polaroid from Christmas time.
The Big Lick. Finished and ready for me.
Blue not liking something my mother is doing. That’s Cecil sitting on top the couch and Cheyenne photobombing in the bottom left.
Blue in her later years, when over-snacking and age caused her to gain some weight.
This close up displays the beautiful colors of Blue’s face.
Blue on my bed in my old apartment. Mid 2000s. I don’t why she’s licking her lips.
Blue is pretty young here. I’d say under a year. The gate on the left was my mother’s futile attempt to contain Blue and keep her from running around the house while she was at work. Blue would merely hurdle it.
A photo from Blue’s Playdog portfolio. In the basement pre carpet and pre gas heater. I don’t remember this chair.

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