Random family photos part 3

Grandma, grandpa, and the ever-present Schmidts.
Sweater vest. Clearly my mother’s idea and clearly I never learned how to dress properly. My brother cried incessantly as a kid and even today he needs to have things focused on him or he gets mad and yells at people.
My dad’s head shot from his audition for Saturday Night Fever. 70s clothes > today’s clothes.
My mother opening Christmas gifts in front of the tube tv. She looks tired. The owl statuette on the tv was one of the many owl figurines my mother collected.
My father on the front porch.
My dad, brother, and cousin Billy, who is also my brother’s Godfather. Schmidts in a can. I smelled like cigar and cigarette smoke until I graduated from high school. Today’s kids don’t get pleasure.
If this is Christmas 1979 then I am ten and my sister is 12. In the middle is our five year old brother.
Family photo.

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