Random old family photos

My mother next to the Christmas tree, December 1959. If the date on the photo is correct my mother is fourteen.
My mother. Different dress same year.
I’m thinking this is my sister’s birthday part. My sister’s in the middle, with our mother leaning over. On the right is our paternal grandmother, Adeline. Being Italian everyone called her Nooni.
At my Aunt Toots’ (Julianne) house. My Godmother and Aunt Columbia, unknown male, my Aunt Mary. Sitting down I believe is my cousin’s wife Bev. Toots is pronounced like ‘chimney soot’ not like toot in ‘toot your own horn.’
Me and my sister at the Grant St house.
Mother and friend.
Wiffle ball in the backyard. Possibly the funnest game ever created.
Unknown man, my grandmother, Jen Patenesky, my grandfather.
Me, my mother, and my sister. My mother did an excellent job of dressing me. It’s been all downhill since I started dressing myself.
Being held by an unknown woman.
My grandparents, Marie and Anton Rupar. I loved that painting.
My grandmother standing next to her Christmas Tree. A favorite part of Christmas was going to my grandparents and seeing their tree. They always did a fantastic job of decorating them.
Side yard at Toots’ house. My sister, Nooni, Toots, my cousin Frannie who had cerebral palsy and passed away a couple of years ago and whom I babysat for, my Aunt Norma, my favorite aunt who died when I was in grade school, and my Godfather and Uncle Ted.
My father standing next to his mother opening a present. My sister does not seem to be too happy not being the center of attention. I have no clue what’s happening.
Our dad teaching my sister how to hit. Her lack of athleticism became a source of anxiety for my sister later when the other girls wanted her to play softball and she was really bad.
Me, my sister, and this same woman whom I can’t remember. That’s a cool haircut I’m sporting.
Is that an ashtray or a cereal bowl I’m eating out of? Old school coffee pot on the stove.
My sister with her doll. Don’t remember the doll but I loved that lamp.
My sister, moody as ever. Smiling one minute, frowning the next. What exactly was the point of fridge’s with the freezer on top? So inconvenient.
Me. Excited why?
Me and my sister at the Grant St house. Ready for the cold.
My mother’s friend, Janice maybe?
My grandfather, Uncle Rick, great grandfather, also named Anton, and that same guy who I do not know. Schlitz in a bottle! Schlitz and Schmidts were the two beers on hand. Was not aware that slatted window shades existed in the 60s. I have the pictures of Jesus and Mary that are hanging on the wall in the corner.

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