Drama: work, personal, or otherwise

While managing at a pizza shop a employee complained to me about my co-manager. The employee was an underage girl and the co-manager an adult man, 40-ish. This is her list of complaints.

  • Asked if I have ever given a blowjob and how many I have given.
  • Asked how far I have gone with a guy
  • Asked if I was a virgin. and then proceeded to ask at what age I lost my virginity
  • Asked if i have ever used dildos or sex toys. Then told me that he needs to get me one because he would feel that I would really enjoy it, also describing in detail what kinds I would like.
  • Constantly being touchy and towel snapping my butt
  • When I said “no” to going flyering he continued to call me during and after work as wells as the other people I was working with numerous times.
  • Asked me if my periods were hurting, what it feels like, and what I crave during them

I spoke to the owner saying we should fire him. The owner didn’t care. I reported it to our corporate office who said it was up to the owner. Nothing ended up being done.

Rob was landlord for a time while I lived in Idaho. I lived with him and another guy.

Rob hasn’t cleaned the house but once since I’ve been there. He won’t even clean if a date is coming over. I’ve started to notice some bugs in the kitchen and one morning I woke up and there was raw hamburger all over the floor and it had already turned brown so it had laid there a while. He’s the only person who uses meat in the house but it didn’t know where it came from. Also the other day Rob was laying down when his cat (the cat was a bobcat. Not real big and friendly enough until you turned your back to it, then it tried to bite the back of your head off) walked up to him and peed on his head. Try and guess how Rob reacted before I tell you…Rob reacted by putting the cat on his leash, standing on the leash so he couldn’t move and then peed on him. I wonder if animal abuse would violate his parole…Rob complains a lot about how unlucky he is and how things rarely go his way. I wonder why.

This is an email I received from my sister. I was living in Idaho at the time. This is either 1999 0r 2000. The “Blue” referenced is the Blue from my ‘The Daily Blue’ post. She wasn’t big but she never backed down from a fight. Tiffany was a pain because her owner did not keep her leashed and she would intentionally walk up to my mother’s house and sit on the sidewalk and bark just to irritate my mother’s dogs.

Hi, what’s new?  We had an incident last night.  I was supposed to go to Mike’s for dinner – Dad was bringing pizza over.  I told them I’d be over after I walked the dogs.  I got home at normal time – 5PM – and started walking towards me (a backwards route) with Blue.  I could tell she was mad.  She said that when she walked past Barkers’ she didn’t see Tiffany because she was hiding behind Elmer.  Tiffany ran out onto the sidewalk to attack Blue.  Blue bit Tiffany & I guess Elmer got bit trying to get the dogs apart.  We found out later (Mom called Audrey) that Elmer had to get a tetanus shot, and Tiffany had to be hospitalized and have surgery today.  Blue got her an inch away from the jugular.  So I guess she almost died, but will be fine after surgery.  So Becky of course was mad because they never put their dog on a leash.  Then when we were riding to Mike’s we saw Elmer going into the doctor’s office.  Becky spent
the next five minutes berating him for not putting his dog on a leash.  Which she should not have done because he was upset.  I feel really bad because I always look for the dog when Elmer is outside.  This is going to cost them a
lot of money.  Then, I guess April & her boyfriend got a dog yesterday.  So our dogs saw it through the door and were going nuts.  So Mom told April that if her dog is on the street without a leash, it’s “fair game”.  I hope she doesn’t
take that as a threat.  What a night.  I can only wonder if this stuff will happen every day when Mike moves in.  Yipee. 

In 2004 a friend invited to join him in Key West to celebrate his 50th birthday. He said several other people would be coming. It ended up being me, him, and one other person. The trip did not go well and it ended our friendship. This is an email exchange detailing what happened.

Date: Monday, April 12, 2004, 4:54 PM

have not heard from you! did you make it out of key west without any problems? i wish i could have stayed longer but i knew the dog with the curley tail was going to cost me money. did you end up staying at the youth hostel? my apology if the trip did not turn out the way you had planned. but i do not travel with people very often. i’m the rolling stone type unless it’s the beautiful women in honduras. i’m heading up to widby island this friday to look for a rental and get a post office box. probably hang out to watch the eagles/patriots game at 4:30 pm. i will be going back down to key west for fantasy fest end of october to meet some friends from vero beach. last trip before surgery in november         

big mountains blue skies

Hello B—-,

you could say that trip left a sour taste in my mouth. I am going to be frank with you. I do not like having my time and money wasted. So I was angry about that. Especially considering the trip cost me about three times what it cost you. That $2000 in expenses and lost wages would come in handy right about now. I took a week off from work and as soon as I got there you were already talking about coming back.

Stayed at the hostel, which is a complete dump, talked to some interesting people and got the car wrecked, which added to the misery. The trip was not a complete waste (seeing a shark close-up, meeting new people, experiencing a new place, getting out this shithole)but knowing what I know now I either would not have made the trip or would’ve prepared for circumstances involved with it. I also know I want to live somewhere like that permanently. The weather, the ocean, laid-back atmosphere

How is your friend doing? She got fired the day after you left. Maybe its better than having to work with and/or for assholes.

Nice to hear things are on track for you. As of this writing I have plenty of ideas but no plans.

Found an old email I sent to my then boss about issues at work. Work then was at a fast food pizza place. Of course the owner did nothing or even acknowledged anything I told him. From 2009.

just to follow up on the text I sent you last night.

I think you need to hire at least one full-time manager, or even two, for these reasons: 

1) B—- has said to me repeatedly that  he does not want the responsibility of being a manager and proves that every day that he is there. He has no ideas on trying to improve sales, he does not help out with me when I have ideas, nor does he has anything to say about anything unless the idea was planted in his head by M—. He does not offer to help, he does not clean or make anyone else clean, he did not train N—— and S—- properly and they didn’t become good workers until several months after they started when they had to open with me all summer, he  hires terrible people like A—– and allows her to verbally abuse her coworkers and be under the influence of drugs while at work, he most likely made up the story of J— R. adding credit card tips because A—– didn’t like J— and wanted him fired, he is not upfront with people like when J——- came back over the summer and B—- told him he would get driver hours when in reality there weren’t any and it got to the point that i was tired of J—— griping about it and almost fired before J——- told me that B—- never said anything to him, he  threw away a future order slip from this past Saturday, while I was subbing he and the day drivers would do nothing all day then he would jump up fifteen minutes before I was due in do some of it and make up a story about it being busy when it wasn’t, he allows drivers to refuse to take deliveries when they don’t want to, he tells people that call fifteen to twenty minutes before closing that the store is closed which is something a teenager who works once or twice a week might do and not a manager, he wears t-shirts which i know you allow but managers should be doing that, he ripped off Z— and S—- two days in a row and does not care and will make no attempt to get them their money and it will be left up to me, he did not tell J– what he had to do after he wrecked and left it looking like i was the when who screwed Joe out of workman’s comp…The list goes on and on and on and on. I understand that you can’t pay a regular GM pay rate but you can definitely get a  better person for $9.10 than him. B—- is suited to a job with little to no real responsibility like cooking or flyering. 

One day over the summer B—- and A—— were working together. A—– was wearing shorts and spilled sauce on her leg. She went to the sink to wipe it off and did so by putting her foot on top of the make line. B—- commented to me afterwards that he enjoyed that because he could see all the way up her shorts and could tell how “trim” she kept herself. That is a 40 year old man who is a boss commenting on a 16 year old girls personal hygiene. That is is disgusting and unacceptable. He also grabs A—– and J–, along with C——– when she worked at the store, by the shoulders and rubs them and pats, makes jokes about spanking them for making a mistake. those are things i and others have witnessed. It is sexual harassment and B—- is lucky they won’t complain and sue him and the store over it. 

He also repeatedly has seizures that causes him to make mistakes with orders and frightens the people there. B— and I are old enough and mature enough to recognize when it happens and deal with but everyone else just gets scared. 

2) J—- can’t work Mon-Wed, B— does not like working open to close on Tuesdays, B—- cant work on Tuesdays because of doctor’s appointments or on Saturdays because of family commitments. On Nov 7 J—-, A—–, and J– are off because of the Sadie Hawkins dance, that leaves up with one manager for the day, me, and one cook if B—— works. I was hoping to go out of town for that day, so that basically leaves no one to work. This Monday you will be out of town so we will need a closed. I will have to do that which means i will be working seven days. B—- is having surgery on the 9th and will miss that day as well as two or three others, so he may only be available to work two days that week. J—- takes off for school stuff and i don;t want to deny him a proper high school appearance. J—- also calls off for sickness of his own or a family member’s, which leaves us short. 

3) the loss to the store do to unaccounted for pops, dough balls, and boxes is several hundred dollars a month. Some of that is legitimate mistakes but most of it is either waste or theft. That could be money used for advertising or building up an emergency fund. 

4) I believe that if you intend to ride out the recession that the store will need to be operating as best as possible threw these down times so it makes it through. I don’t think that is possible piecing in five people to run shifts all of whom have different styles and work ethics. So i believe that hiring one full time manager immediately is necessary for both the long term and short term of the store. 

5) if i start to sub again you will be stuck because i wont be running shifts there or working there much at all. i am not going to go back to a situation where i know that when i get there at night i will have to see that the day stuff gets done as well as the night stuff. I also may get tired of having to do everything myself for only only $9.10/hr and for the same pay as B—- when he does next to nothing but create problems that i have to deal with. I can start calling around to other stores today or call corporate and ask them for ideas where to find good up-and-coming management prospects. B— is willing to come back and work more but she would like a bump in pay large enough to close the gap in her pay from G—–‘- to V——‘- to make it worth her while, but i think getting new fresh people in the store is the way to go. Even if sales improve you will need two strong managers who plan on being there long-term to capitalize on it. If you want I can try to sell the store. Give me a price range and I will start to look for potential buyers. I think that store in that location with no dine-in and no liquor license had a short shelf life to begin with. The mistake was S—-‘- when he moved it there. Other, less important things. B— suggested that i ask you if there is someone you can get in touch with who knows where to find equipment left behind by stores that have closed. I think the store needs short metal racks, like the ones the cheese and dough are stored on, for the front of the store where the pop and boxes are. 

I will be at the store all day today if you to talk or you can respond by email 


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