A short thread documenting some of the dreams I’ve had.

Last night I dreamed that I was a snake in a group of snakes. There was another snake up in a tree and we talked about going up to get the snake. I climbed up an adjacent tree and when I got to the top I was a man again. I think the Crocodile Hunter from Animal Planet. When I got up to the top a voice from below warned me that the snake was dangerous but I said it wasn’t poisonous so everything was ok. As I reached for the snake it snapped at me then crawled down the tree upon which it made several attempts to bite me.

 You (my friend Nick) were in my dreams the other night. You and me were at a club somewhere north of Chicago. We were talking to this girl who was telling us she got stuck in traffic on some street down there. Next thing the devil is possessing her. She’s lying in a cross made of blood, she stands up, you and me try to knock her off the cross but the devil is standing there and we can’t. Then she is in a hospital room and a cop comes in to interview her. But the cop is really the devil and she gets hysterical and sits on the floor against the wall.  He gets in front of her and starts talking to her in Latin. She fights him for a bit then he gets to her. They both hiss at me with fiery orange eyes. Haven’t had a dream this weird in a long time.

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