Favorite Movie Scenes

A post where I will compile my favorite movie scenes.

500 Days of Summer: You Make My Dreams Come True

Didn’t really like this movie but this scene is fun.

Aliens: Hudson’s classic lines.

Bill Paxton was always fun to watch.

Notice how all the Marines, except one, are arrogant, cocky, smart-mouthed. And all but that one, Hicks, dies. Food for thought.

Point Break: House raid scene.

“You like that? Fuck you.”


No surprises here.

The acting is terrific. Subtle yet meaningful.

Sudden Impact: ‘Go ahead make my day.’

The marketing campaign for this movie revolved around the line delivered by Harry to an armed robber. It was even included in the trailers. So spoiled. Also, “Who’s we, sucker?”

Not really a good movie. And one of the worst Eastwood’s directed.

A Bronx Tale: Biker scene and Italian mating call.

‘Now youze can’t leave.’ ‘Get in the car Marie.’ I said this once to a girl named Marie I was dating. She looked at me like I was crazy.

The Warriors: Baseball Furies fight scene.

Most people remember the leader of the Pogues going ‘Warriors…come out to play…” but the Baseball Furies chase and fight scene is my favorite scene of the movie.

As a side not I wrote to Walter Hill and asked many questions about the movie. In response he sent me a letter and a shooting script.

Grease: We Go Together.

A simple short yet perfect movie with an uplifting ending.

‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’: The final duel.

Two great lines in this scene. One by Angel Eyes at 1:05 and the other by Blonde at 8:45. I use both. Few people seems to understand what they mean.

Lethal Weapon: “Who’s fucking next?”

Most action movies in the 80s featured a torture scene in which the bad guys capture and torture the hero. It never worked out for them.

Bullitt: Car chase scene.

Depending on whom you believe Steve McQueen did all of the driving, some of the driving, or little of the driving. Great scene in a great movie. I remember asking my mother why the sound of the engine dropped then started up again. “Speed shifting” she said. The sound of Bullitts’ car’s engine is phenomenal.

Pulp Fiction breakfast scene: “Say what again.”

I found this movie to be kinda boring and the first time I watched it I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Still have never rewatched it but I love this scene.

Dirty Harry: “Do you feel lucky punk?” Part 1.

Harry has some fun with the one bank robber he does not kill. The “punk,” played by Albert Poppwell, could have taken a guess that the gun was empty by Harry’s light demeanor but why risk it.

Two things about this scene: One, how fake the blood looks. Two, after the woman in the diner screams Harry looks down and sees blood on his pantleg. Was she screaming over the blood or because Harry was shot? There aren’t holes in Harry’s pants yet later is being treated by a doctor on the same leg.

Dirty Harry: “Do you feel lucky punk?” Part 2.

Harry uses the same speech on the films antagonist (Andrew Robinson). This time his demeanor is different. As is the outcome. I don’t think the killer liked the way that Harry spit out the word punk.

The Matrix: “Dodge this.”

Trinity saves Neo from an agent. The edits make it look like Trinity can’t shoot him from the second angle but a great scene and shot nonetheless. And who says men never ask for help.

Notice that the first two shots by the agent wouldn’t have hit Neo anyway.

The Blues Brothers: Diner scene and school scene.

I say “four fried chickens and a coke” at least once a day. “Two pieces of dry white toast” usually follows. I was about ten or eleven when I saw this in the theaters so hearing Jake say “No fucking way” was really hysterical to me.

“Two honkys that look like Hasidic diamond merchants…they look like they are in the CIA.”

As a bonus here’s Jake telling a nun that she’s “up shit creek.”

Unforgiven: “It’s a helluva thing killing a man.”

‘Unforgiven’ continued a theme in Clint Eastwood movies of Eastwood playing a sad old man whose wife is dead and who drinks too much. ‘Unforgiven’ deservedly won Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director. Eastwood should have won Best Actor but lost to Al Pacino, who got one of the “acts more not better” awards for his performance in ‘Scent of a Woman.’

Eastwood, Freeman, Hackman, Richard Harris all in the same movie. Wow.

Unforgiven: Shootout scene.

“I’m here to kill you Little Bill.” Eastwood delivers one of the most famous monologues in movie history before taking revenge upon the men who killed his friend Ned (Morgan Freemen).

Seriously though. After William’s shotgun goes “click” everyone goes for their own weapons, giving William time to pull his pistol. Had they rushed him they could have captured him.

48 Hrs: Angry boss scene.

Every cop movie has a seem where the detective who doesn’t play by the rules is chewed out by his boss. Here Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy get yelled at by Nolte’s boss, played by Frank McCrae. McCrae is great , delivering some great lines like “A bus. You lost a stolen bus” and “Just cause you say it with conviction it doesn’t mean shit to me.” Nolte tries to turn it around by claiming how brave Murphy the convict is but as usual in these situations the boss is right on.

48 hrs: Dinner scene.

I say this line alot too.


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