Response to This Week’s Readings II

Web 3.0

McNearney is correct. There is no new literacy; just different ways of doing or presenting the same stuff.

Maybe script and HTML should be taught. Those are skills employers are looking for too.

Web 3.0 just seems to be another invention designed to make humans lazier. Machines to do our thinking and reasoning for us? Machines to select appropriate texts, read those texts, then write a paper summarizing the important themes contained in those texts…well, why not just have machines do this now and write summaries of everything so full length texts can be eliminated completely? Why do any work at all? The people who think up stuff like Web 3.0 and like it are the same type of people who owned slaves and supported slavery.

Pandoar, Genius, and Amazon Recommendations operate on a general level and do not know what a person’s wants and needs are at a given moment. Those programs cannot keep up with a person’s thoughts nor should they be used to make decisions for users.



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