Response to This week’s Readings

Online: R U Really reading?

Spiro says the world is not a  linear place and does not go in a  line. They may be true but the world is an organized place where chaos serves no one. Disorganization = chaos. The way are federal  government is set up is an example of a linear organized system keeping our country from falling into chaos. Our president dies and the successor ready been determined. Using Iraq as an example look how chaotic that country has been since our military deposed Saddam Hussein. Even if he remained in power until he died a natural death his successor would not have been automaticcally determined. He had two sons who both may have wanted to rule and no voting system to determine who would rule. to conclude my analogy, reading books from beginning to end is better than scrolling around the  web aimlessly.

Reading a text from beginning to end teaches people how to focus and concentrate on something for a  period of time. this has real life consequences in every day interactions. Try asking someone to follow one simple direction. See how  often they fail.

McCullough says that “learning is aquired mainly from books.” I agree to a point. Many of histories greatest thinkers and inventors did not have books to read yet they still amassed tremoendous amounts of knowledge. Imagination, interaction, experimenting, and practice helps us learn to.

90% of employers look for reading comprehension skills.

Linda Jackson seems to be blaming schools for kids not reading at home. Parents create the home environment. Children try to fit in to that environment. I will blame schools for not attemping more sustained silent reading programs.

Spiro says the internet can cover much more about a topic in less time than it takes to read a four-hundred page book. But the book covers the topic more in-depth. Readers learn more than just getting the greatest hits on something. That is like comparing reading a book to get information on a topic to reading a phrase on a  bumper sticker.

hunter’s test scores were meaningless. He was not measured on how much science knowledge he gained but on how much better he  was at surfing the web. Plus in most of his life hunter will not have the internet to use as a crutch. I go back to being able to follow simple verbal instructions.

iSkills test is  useless for the same reason as the test Hunter took: it does not test content knowledge but instead knowledge on surfing the  web.




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