Pleasant encounter of the day

I’ll call this my pleasant encounter of the day. Yesterday I posted an ad on Craigslist to get rid of plywood and drywall that’s been sitting in the basement for a few years. One person responded and said they’d come Sunday, two others responded saying they’d come Saturday. The two people who said they’d come Saturday flaked out. One never returned the email, text, or phone calls I made; the other text back at ten saying they weren’t coming. Whatever. I emailed the Sunday person back and they came first thing in the morning in an appropriate vehicle, loaded the materials themselves, were really nice, then left when finished. The free stuff category on Craigslist is the best way to get rid of things quickly I’ve found. People will take things garbage men won’t.

This one didn’t have the requisite spontaneity of the typical encounter but it’s Sunday and I don’t expect to be getting out much today.

Hired a guy named Chuck to detail my car’s interior. For as filthy as it was he, and his helper, cleaned it pretty well. They missed the glove box and the center console, and they didn’t use scented cleaner but otherwise I am happy with the job they did. I wiped out the box and console and will use my own freshener. Chuck is a young guy I found on Craigslist. He does the work at people’s homes and does not use water. He says he can save ten’s of thousands of gallons of water a year with his method.

On Tuesday I bought two spicy chicken fillet sandwiches from Wendy’s in Bridgeville. One was supposed to be how they come and the other with lettuce and tomato only. The tomato and lettuce only was for someone else so i didn’t feel comfortable opening the wrapper to check if it was correct. Well it wasn’t. The recipient gave it back to me and ate leftover soup instead. Today I went to Wendy’s to return the sandwich and was pleasantly surprised by the service i got. The manager, Maurice, not only refunded the money (missing the twenty-nine cents in tax) but gave me a new sandwich. I promised to contact their corporate office and compliment him and the service i got. I will go about doing that now.

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