Date Night Part 1

Hello! The date was good. We both had fun. We went out to eat and then to see Casablanca.

There was a Warner Bros. 75th anniversary film festival in town this weekend. Casablanca was at The

(A picture I took of the theater on December 31, 1999. Not the night of the date)
See the source image
(A current photo of The Egyptian theater)

the only single screen theater in Boise. It looks like an old opera house, with two balconies and those seats on the walls on the sides.

Its real nice. That was the only time I’ve been there and there was more than ten people there. It was almost sold out. Close to seven or eight hundred people I’d say. I noticed a flaw in the movie. During the `of all the gin joints…’ scene Rick is holding a bottle of whiskey that has the cork in it.

Image result for casablanca of all the gin joints

As Ilsa walks in they pan to Rick again and the bottle doesn’t have the cork in it. This takes about three seconds and they don’t show him taking the cork out. I think this stood out because this is the first time I’ve seen the movie on a big screen.

The girl I went with I met at the YMCA. She works there. One day I asked if I could have a locker and she  said no, but I
could use one for the day. Then the next day we talked for a while, then on Wednesday she gave me a card and jelly beans for a present. I’m pretty sure what we did can be considered to be a date. That’s how I looked at it. She’s about five-four or so.  She probably weighs 145-150lbs and she is all muscle

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(Not her)

. Her arms and legs are huge! I get intimidated (more like turned on I’m sure) when she has a short sleeve shirt on. Her chest, shoulders and back are really thick too. She’s in terrific condition. She does triathlons and marathons and that sort of thing. She’ll workout for four hours a day. She laughs at how out of shape I am (If she saw me today she’d probably die with laughter). She’s pretty. She has blond hair and blue eye’s like most of the people here. We’re making plans to do something this week.

About our date. We both worked out before hand and wanted to get something to eat before the movie started. I was wearing the watch mom got me for Christmas. I set it by the clock I have in my room but it’s always running slow because I forget to wind it up. So we’re sitting in the restaurant and I ask the waitress what time it was. She says 6:50. About ten or fifteen minutes later I look at my watch and it says 6:50! The movie starts at seven so we decide to leave.
Heather (her name’s Heather) goes to the bathroom and is gone a long time. Right after she comes back the waitress brings a bowl of ice cream with a lit candle in it. Heather asks the waitress if she is going to sing and only then does it dawn on me that this is a birthday present from Heather (A very thoughtful thing for her to do considering we barely knew each other and this was our first date. I still wonder why she did it.). Even at thirty I’ll never change.

I think we had our second date today. She talked me into taking a spinning class with her. It’s aerobics on stationary bikes. It’s really hard (NOT what she said!). (This was our last date. Her choice. Can’t remember why. I think she said she was too busy to date or something like that.)

I saw `Payback’

Image result for payback movie

Friday. It was a date with the girl (woman?) I met at Blockbuster

Image result for blockbuster
(Blockbuster led the destruction of family owned video stores and was soon destroyed itself by Netflix)

(Back in the day when I had self-confidence I was able to approach women anywhere). (Her name is Kari. She’s unique among Idahoan women. She has brown hair and brown eyebrows) The paper here gave it 3 & 1/2 stars. It’s closer to two I think. Gibson isn’t right for this kind of role. He’s too clean-cut and good looking. There was some good scenes and lines in it. His character does some neat stuff. It wasn’t bad. It just moved too slow. Oh yeah, there is a good torture scene. If you think he looks good all beaten up then you’ll like this movie. I’d say go see it. I don’t know if you’ll like it or not. Gibson’s character is a real scumball. (This was our only date)

I think I’d better go. Rob and Geno are addicted to chat rooms and personal ads. They to announce how many “hits” they get everyday. I’ll maybe spend ten minutes on the computer a day but the one time (like now) I send some mail to someone I’m hogging the computer. Rob’s also starting to get on my nerves a little and Geno’s kinda upset with me
too. I’ll tell you about this next time.

Until then…See ya…

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