Sodapop was our second official family pet that wasn’t a fish. I say official because if I remember correctly we, my sister and I, probably had stray dogs and cats we fed but weren’t allowed to keep. Our first pet was a domestic rabbit. He. or she, did not last long. He, or she, was raised in captivity and had never been outside. One day we took him outside. He got some kind of outside virus that animals get that he hadn’t developed natural immunity to and died.

I don’t know where Sodapop came from. The pound, humane society, a friend. I have no idea. Named by my sister for the Rob Lowe

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character in the movie ‘The Outsiders’ (not the book version of Sodapop, the shirtless hot Rob Lowe version), Soda was a fun dog and we were all excited to have him at the house. I have no memories of him outside of the pictures I have of him. This was in the early 80s I believe and we didn’t have him long.

Sodapop did not like men and would attack any man who came into our house. He wasn’t very big but he could be vicious when set off. And by vicious I suppose I mean like a dog gets when it’s angry. He never broke skin but he did lung and jump on and growl. One day I came home from school and he was gone. My mom said a man came and took Soda to a farm to live. He’d be better off there with room to play and fewer people, etc. That was a sad day and we didn’t get another dog until after my senior year in high school when my parents split up and my mother got my younger brother a dog to help him cope. It didn’t.

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