My sister’s wedding

Pictures from my sister’s wedding. 1993 I believe it was. The ceremony took place in our mother’s living room. The reception was at the local Italian Club. Having the ceremony at home and the reception at a local social club were wise decision on their part; not wasting money on an elaborate production like so many couples do. The mayor married them (neither were religious). Our father’s cousin was the DJ.

Me, my mother, my sister, Phil, our grandfather, (kneeling in front), our brother
My mother’s boyfriend Tim, Mayor Don Dolde
Phil, Melissa, Mike, Me, our father
My sister and Phil with Phil’s two brothers, father, and mother

As I recall neither my sister (Mis) nor her fiance’ (Phil) really wanted a traditional reception. They held one because Phil wanted to see all of his uncles together at once and our mother said it was our family’s turn to show up for her kid’s function, as she and us went to all of their “things.” As an aside, now that I am older and have grown apart from my family and most others have died I am glad I never get invited to these things. Growing up was fun. Visiting relatives, Christmas parties, playing games, tv in my Godparents game room, yearly family reunions, etc.

Our mother was maid-of-honor and Phil’s brother was best man (or those things didn’t exist, I can’t remember). Attendees were Mis, Phil, their parents and siblings, my grandfather and his girlfriend, my mother’s boyfriend. The reception was small. Maybe one-hundred people.

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