Waverly Place B&B – Spokane, WA

I believe I stayed here on my way back to the Seattle Airport after visiting The Wolf Education and Research Center The Wolf Center | Wolf Education and Research Center in Winchester, Idaho. August 1997 or October 1997. This was a fateful trip as based on my experience here I decided to move to Idaho that winter.

Waverly Place B&B. (20+) Waverly Place Bed and Breakfast | Facebook (It appears to be closed)I can’t remember the proprietors name or how i found it. A nice middle-aged lady ran it. The inn was clean and comfortable. Spokane was kind of an old dirty run down lower income type of place. Nothing exceptional about it. My only recollection is going out looking for a laundry mat. At some point a young woman (girl?) asked me for a ride. I gave it to her. Nothing happened on the ride and I made it to a laundry mat. There a man told me to never pick up women because they are usually hookers or cops posing as hookers. He said cops watch and when they see a man pick up one of these women or girls they follow them because this was how hookers found johns (clients). I considered myself lucky that i didn’t get stopped and washed my dirty clothes.

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