Week 8 – Video

Beers: kids need to know their writing has value, kids need to develop the confidence that they are a good writer, which can’t be if its always about the mistakes they’ve made

Chao: writing survey

“How do we teach a strategy the writer can use over many texts?”

Any time spent on individual writing conferences is better than no time spent at all

Kids need individual instruction to suit their individual achievement levels

Teacher wants to set writing goals for the next paper

Teachers other than Chao like rubrics too much

Chao does a descriptive rubric, “a general impression the paper makes,” “the overall effect of the paper”

Successful feedback is specific feedback

Establish a routine, structure makes a difference

Chao learned how to conduct peer reviews by going through one as a writer

Chao does peer review in groups of four so each paper gets 10 minutes

All teachers in favor of portfolios (students at CV do not have papers saved)

Carrying portfolios from year to year could be valuable so students aren’t asked to repeat work

Chao is worried that grades discourage students from revising

I noticed the teacher from NY never looked at Chao when she talked


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