Week 8 – Overmeyer

p3 – modeling, clear expectations, and meaningful practice toward a standard

repeat key learning targets, monitor each student’s growth

p4 – students should think of grades as something they can control

Thought: the instructors at the dance school teach with the idea that their students will be able to accomplish a specific task after a specified period of time has elapsed, such as performing a routine in public. What can writing teachers do to emulate this?

p12 – always consider why we are asking students to write

p13 – nothing ingenious about requesting more recess time

p18 – choose texts that appeal to students

p20 – students create their own list of rules

p24 – students could identify nouns and adjectives because they understood why they were being used

p30 – grade sample papers with students

p32 – creates a new “rubric” using only the highest expectations

p42 – allowing students to adjust rubrics is ok if doing so leads to better writing

p48 – writing buddies

p56 – students long to tell adults what they know

p63, 64 – thoughtful self-reflections from students

p80 – “what is an english to do?” Have their students practice, practice, practice

p83 – I ordered the book

p91 – students should be focused on the quality of their writing not their grades

p105 – “What I admire about student writing”

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