“Learn How to Dance” Youtube Video

I just finished watching the video of the kid breakdancing and I do not know what I am supposed to take from it. I have watched and downloaded “How to” videos from YouTube but mainly for enjoyment purposes.  (post interlude: I really love technology, not only does it take several  seconds for the blog server to keep up with my typing but it also freezes up and periods of time go by when i wait for it to wake up again so i can resume typing. to fix this problem i pick up my Tab to use that instead and it shuts off for no apparent reason.) I watch them but don’t emulate the makers of the videos. is that right or wrong of me?

when that kid goes to apply for a job will he list “able to breakdance” as a skill? A senior project built around this will surely get him a good great and lots of applause and the people who evaluate college applications will go “Cool! Look what this kid did!” but unless there is a written and oral component to the video then I see little educational value in it.

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