The word soda in Spanish and English means soda. So I assume like the American versions of soda shops

the Costa Rican soda shops are basically the same. The sodas we ate in in Jaco looked like a concession stand or a cafeteria. The served local traditional Costa Rican food, the casado. Casado means ‘marriage’ and in this sense plates are a marriage of different tastes and colors.

Soda Grove or Grove Soda (unless Arboleda is the surname of the people who ran this soda) was our daily breakfast spot. Gallo pinto is the name of the dish. It means beans and rice with… although my Spanish to English translator is telling me that gallo means spotted rooster (and wikipedia is telling me that is correct. the dish is called spotted rooster because once cooked the colors of a dish resemble the spotted rooster) but in practice you say “gallos pinto con” and you get rice and beans with whatever else you order.

Custard, eggs, chop, cheese, steak, chicken, meat in sauce. The bottom I think means rice with meat, chicken, cheese, or sausage. Desayuno tells us this is the breakfast menu.

A street view of Soda Arboleda. The red car is a taxi. Taxis are a safe and cheap way of travelling.
A close up of the soda’s kitchen area.

Two photos of a more cafeteria style soda.

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