Costa Rica Videos

A post where I will share short videos from my 2016 trip to Costa Rica. Most recent updates appear at the top.

One second of nothing.
Seven seconds of my hands and other people’s feet and legs.
Fourteen seconds of darkness with the sounds of people talking and waves or traffic.
Fourteen seconds of trees and homes. This is probably the drive from Tamarindo to Playa Avellanas.
Three seconds of footprints on a beach.
Seven more seconds of footprints on a beach.
Twenty-one seconds of a beach and a tree.
One minute and fifty seconds of the sounds of people walking on a beach at night. Probably from the trip to look at sea turtles.
No idea what this is.
A Sea Turtle
Crossing a hanging bridge.
Crossing a hanging bridge over a hot springs.
Me and Don playing in a waterfall pool.
Upside down crab
Spider monkeys
Vultures and a lizard.
Fourteen minutes or so of blackness and people’s voices.
Sea Turtle
Sea Turtle

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