Guido’s Original New York Style Pizzeria

The best or second best pizza I’ve ever eaten (I have memories of The Ritz Hotel in Bridgeville, PA as having the best pizza I’ve ever eaten but it’s been over thirty years since I had it so maybe it was great or maybe nostalgia has altered my memory of it). Guido’s New York Style Pizzeria in Boise, Idaho. Two friends, one from New Jersey and the other from Brooklyn or the Bronx, moved to Boise in the 90s and opened a New York style pizza shop. Handmade fresh dough, stretched thin, topped lightly with sauce and cheese. My favorite, and the most popular, was the basil pizza, either by the pie or by the slice. Their stromboli’s were good too. They are still open. And like a true pizza place they only sell pizza and items made with pizza dough (salads not withstanding).

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