Literature Terms

From the short story unit I taught during student teaching

Lit Terms Review: Pre-reading

Motivation – the reason why a character thinks, acts or feels a certain way.

       Ex. Laurie in “Charles” – misbehaves because he desires attention

       Ex. Narrator of “Tell-Tale Heart” – wants to kill the old man because the vulture-like eye bothers him

       Ex. Sakkaro family in “Rain Rain Go Away” – stay out of the rain because they will die if they get wet.

Conflict – struggle between opposing forces

       Ex. Sqeaky in “Raymond’s Run” –

              man vs. man = she races Gretchen

              man vs. self = she is tempted to throw the race

       Ex. Ma in “War Party”  –

man vs. man = she constantly battles other people for respect. (Mr. Buchanan)

man vs nature = migrants race the elements, can’t pass through the mountains in the winter

Irony – contrast between what is expected and what occurs

       Ex. – Mrs. Wright in “Rain Rain Go Away”  – is surprised when she finds how clean and normal the Sakkaro’s house is

       Ex. – Lauries mother in “Charles” – is shocked to learn that it is her beloved son that is the bad child Charles

Mood – feeling that a literature work conveys to the reader

       Ex.  – “Tell-Tale Heart” – creepy, spooky, scary feelings felt by its readers = “vulture of an eye,” talk of committing murder, “every night about midnight,” “my thumb slipped upon the tin fastening”

Suspense – feeling of growing tension and excitement

       Ex. – “Charles” – Laurie’s stories get his parents excited about meeting Charles’ parents, the suspense comes as the PTA meeting draws near

       Ex – “Raymond’s Run” – the whole story readers are told of Sqeaky’s running abilities (she never lost a race), the day of the big race comes, will she win?

       Ex – “Rain Rain Go Away” – the Sakkaro’s look at the sky, listen to weather reports, etc. At the picnic they hear of a storm, will they make it home on time?

W.W. Jacobs

English author

Favorite subject is marine life

William Wymark Jacobs

Born in Wapping (wopping), London

At the age of 16 began work as a clerk in the civil service

Around WWI began to adapt his short stories into plays

Wife was a suffragette

158 stories, 5 novels, 2 novellas

Stories took place along London docks

Mother died when he was young

Spent time with siblings at their father’s wharf

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