Educational Psychology

I took this class the same summer I took the Greek Lit class. The Greek Lit class was in person and the Ed Psyche class was all online. My first all online course. I enjoyed the course and the material and the instructor was excellent.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007, 11:01 AM

Educational Psychology

Quiz 7 – Assessment

1)    I would have liked the quizzes to be longer and for there to be more of them, say one for each chapter and each being twenty questions long instead of ten questions long. They did help me to focus on important concepts more as well as studying the concepts behind the questions that I got wrong. The questions were clear and fair, the only problems for me occurred between two similar concepts and I would get them confused.

2)    The tests weren’t long enough either. I like long and challenging tests—they provide a great learning impetus for me. I learn more in preparation for the tests because I am studying the material harder and while taking the tests I think harder to pull the material from my long-term memory, enabling me to retrieve it quicker in the future. Also, have the tests more frequently. Say, one test per two chapters. I for one got a lot of the terms and ideas confused so for me having harder tests on less material would force me to learn more and give me a better chance at a better grade.

3)    Chapters 11 and 12 appear to combine the concepts from the book and show how to apply them in the classroom, so they could be included. Chapter 15 would have been useful for me because I intend to use tests and quizzes extensively as learning tools.

4)    The Discussion Boards were a problem for me. I did not use them much, even knowing that my grade would suffer. I think you should give students specific assignments and have them post to the board on that topic. Then if other students wanted to comment on them and a conversation started, great. Discussion Boards in general do not interest me as they are mostly forums for people to relate their opinions and personal experiences which seemed to happen a lot on our class’ boards. I am not one who values their opinion or experiences highly (here’s an example of me being too personal again) so I tend to keep them to myself.

5)    The lectures were very informative and I recommend more of them.

6)    Yes. There are a lot of things we covered in class that I know will be helpful, particularly the chapters on motivation and memory.

7)    I generally waited until the day the quiz or test was due to take them. I think I did this because after I printed out the course plan I marked in my date book what assignment was due on what day and didn’t think to take them until then. The week the chapter 8 quiz was due I had filter problems with my computer and couldn’t get online that Sunday to take it. It didn’t occur to me to take the quiz on a different computer until it was too late. For make-ups I suggest a writing assignment like you have for your non-online classes.

8)    My final comment would be to have a project or research paper assignment. If people have teaching experience they could compare their experience with the concepts in the text and the rest could use other mediums, like movies and books, to help them make sense of what we are doing in class.

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