Kress writing

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September 5, 2006
English Comp 1552       

Kress Writing

On Page 9 Kress mentions four changes that he sees in writing: social, economic, communicational and technological. He does not state what he means exactly by social changes, nor does he give examples of social changes. I think he means changes such as the breakdown of the traditional family. With there being more divorced couples, single parent households, households with both parents working, children are less likely to have direct supervision from one parent at all times. This means that children determine more and more how they will spend their free time. And without proper supervision these children may not choose to spend their time practicing their writing skills. Also, with the growing de-emphasis of religion people also spend less time learning their religion by writing down what they are taught in religious school. If children write less then they will become adults who do not stress the importance of good writing to their own children. Kress does get it right that means of communication are also changing. More people talk
by phone today than they do by writing letters. E-mailing has also replaced writing as a way to connect with people who live at a distance. There is also video instant messaging whereby people sit at their computer and look into a video camera and talk to people who sit at their own computer looking and talking into their own video camera. But even changing communication methods do not eliminate the need for writing. If people get information using the internet instead of by looking at books, the way of getting this information may be by looking at a screen but someone had to write what that person is reading off the screen. Modern newscasters read the news from a teleprompter. This news has first been written before put into the teleprompter. Communicating may be becoming more and more visual but instead of this being the end of writing it could just mean we, as people, are coming full circle: we are beginning to
communicate with each other in the manner early humans did, by sight and sound and not by the written word. 

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