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    • Yes. Several more. But I paid for them and don’t really feel comfortable posting them or sharing them, as they are the property of GrapplingGirls. I’m glad you enjoyed this one.

      Can I ask how you found this video or my blog? I ask only because you are the first person to post to it, aside from classmates from college courses.

    • Hi. You are the second person to ever respond to a post on my blog. Can I ask how you came across my blog or this post?

      • It was honestly a very random manner in which I stumbled onto your vlod. I’m a huge mixed wrestling fan and love to see girls compete against guys. In this scenario, I was checking out some of grappling girls content (since they have many many girls who have wrestled for them over the years), I have the regular girls I check out but then from time to time I like to go back into their archives and see other wrestlers who might’ve been around. I came across a Liz veyron video and decided to check out some of her stuff. I was astounded. She is so incredible, will definetely be trying to get some more of her stuff. Anyways, when I googled “Liz Veyron”, your link is the very first one to come up

      • Yeah I was surprised about that. I googled Liz Veyron after the first person commented on the video to try and find out how he found it and was shocked when my blog was one of the top links. I’m not really sure how blogs work but I was unaware that posts on my would show up in google searches.

        Liz is gorgeous, especially so a few years ago when she was wrestling on GrapplingGirls. I know recently she’s lost a lot of weight as she’s tried doing fitness modeling and broadcasting work, but she’s still hot as hell.

  1. Hello. I was wondering if you would like to share your other grapplinggirls videos with me. I have some as well that I could share with you 🙂

    • Hi. The videos of LizVeyron I posted are copyrighted by GrapplingGirls and are videos I bought from them. I will try uploading more videos to my site but I don’t feel it would be right to share them privately.

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