Wolf watching in Yellowstone

  • Date: Friday, July 29, 2005, 9:57 PM
  • Hi Ralph, Kevin, Doug

    Wanted to relay a wolf viewing experience from earlier tonight. Feel free to forward it or post it or

    I was leaving the Hayden Valley planning to hang out at Gibbons Meadow on my way to West Yellowstone. As I came across Otter Creek two photographers were standing there with scopes so I asked them what they were looking at. There was a bison carcass about sixty yards from the road that a coyote was feeding on earlier. I stopped to check it out hoping, like them that a wolf or grizzly would show up to feed off it too. Eventually they both had to leave but I hung around since this is what I planned to do at Gibbons Meadow anyway. Around seven a the coyote came back
    and ate some more. Close to seven thirty a tour bus pulled over fifty feet up the street. I went over to see and someone had spotted a wolf. While this was happening one of the tourists went to the bridge to look at the coyote. On my way back he started laughing, a larger “coyote” came flying through and chased away the smaller coyote. Since it was a coyote everyone left and I was left alone to watch the coyote. Well it wasn’t a coyote but the wolf people had just spotted. I was watching for about ten minutes, cars went by but no one stopped until one couple came and more people. The wolf was grey, thin, had skinny legs and was real scraggly looking. It fed until almost eight then made its way back into the trees to the southwest. This was my first wolf sighting of the week and I’m glad I stood there for
    almost two hours looking at nothing.
  • As I side note I was in Gibbon Meadows this morning spotting for wolves but saw nothing. But one of the people watching the wolf had breakfast there and a grizzly walked thru the picnic area right by them.

    Hope you enjoy the story
A photo of the wolf

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