The West Wing

The West Wing filmed a brief in my hometown of Bridgeville, PA sometime in early 2002. The scene appeared in the episodes 20 Hours in America: Part 1 and 20 Hours in America: Part 2. They were the first two episodes of Season 4.

In the episodes President Bartlett is campaigning for reelection in Indian and Josh, Toby, and Donna miss the plane to the next stop. They then have to find their own way to the next stop. Played like a Abbott and Costello sketch, the trio are aided by campaign volunteers played by Amy Adams and John Gallagher Jr (Jim Harper from The Newsroom). Eventually they end up at a train station and board a train. These are pictures from the filming of that scene.

Our children’s library, which is an old caboose, played the station.

Courtesy of my sister.

Bradley Whitford (Josh) and Janel Maloney (Donna) in between takes.
The train.
In the middle of the frame in the blue t-shirt is, I believe, Jim Gallagher Jr. Look at all those “old” cars.
Whatever this shot was supposed to be it looks like a car blocked it.
A good shot of the old caboose that served as the children’s library.
On the right with the bald head if Richard Schiff, (Toby).

If you watch Part 2 you’ll see them turn a corner and drive down a short before getting to the station. That is Station St.

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