Photo of a pizza i made before it was cut. XL Pepperoni.

XL Cheese

XL Deluxe

Same XL Deluxe. Clearer picture.

Small Sicilian Grilled Chicken. Garlic Butter sauce, diced tomatoes, and chicken.

24 cut Sicilian Party Tray. White (garlic butter sauce plus tomatoes). This customer added black olives and banana peppers.

XL White with spinach

XL White with mushrooms. A great combination.

Party tray Florentine. Garlic butter, cherry tomatoes, spinach, olive oil, buffalo mozzarella.

XL Tomato Basil. Pureed tomatoes sauce, oregano, basil leaves, buffalo mozzarella, then topped with cold pizza cheese afterwards.

XL White with green peppers

Catering garden salad for ten

Italian Stromboli

Party Tray with pepperoni

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