Favorite Songs – Too Much Time on My Hands

Styx’ Too Much Time on My Hands from their Paradise Theater album. Great song, great guitar parts, fun lyrics to sing along to, and the distinctive synthesizer opening which seemed to be so new, exciting and innovative.

Styx released ten studio albums from 1973-1983. Fairly standard for bands back then to focus on writing new material constantly but still an amazing achievement.

Bonus Styx songs:

Renegade from Pieces of Eight. Renegade got the blood pumping once Tommy Shaw’s singing started. The Pittsburgh Steelers football team adopted it as the theme for their defense in the mid 90s. This only cheapened the song in my mind.

Mr. Roboto from Kilroy Was Here. Dennis DeYoung’s theme album. Not as good as Paradise Theater and I think his insistence on doing this may have broken up the band. Great vocals by DeYoung, fun and prescient lyrics. I was one of the only people i knew who liked this song.

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