Favorite Songs – Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer by Rush. Loved this song when it was first released. Really who couldn’t? Great drums. Great guitar and bass. Great synthesizer. Great lyrics. Great solo by Alex Lifeson. I’m adding it mostly because of an incident (incident may be too strong a descriptor) from middle school hearing this song brings to mind.

It was winter and we were on the bus on the way to school. Condensation had built up on the inside of the windows. Enough so pictures or letters could e drawn on them and be visible. I went to write “I am number 1” and abbreviated number 1 to ‘no 1,’ so I had written “I am no.1.” A classmate and friend from elementary school, Mark, looked at it and said ‘He is no one.’ Fairly funny I guess but i felt like an idiot, referring to myself as a nobody.

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