The Sopranos final scene

Didn’t watch The Sopranos during it’s initial run. Watched a bit of the first season, didn’t like it and stopped watching by the end of the first season. With being stuck at home cause of the pandemic, not expecting to get back to work until late August at the earliest, i have been watching shows and movies that i normally wouldn’t. And with the controversy surrounding the final episode of The Sopranos i thought i’d give that episode a watch to so I could see it and see what the big deal is. I wanted to have context going into the final scene so with that in mind i decided to watch the entire series. 86 one hour episodes in all so i figure two weeks or so.

Tonight I finished the series and i think the final scene was one of the best in the series. This may have been due to the anticipation of the ‘fade-to-black’ i had for the ending, or it may have been Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ playing over it. Great song. Anyways, I hated the show. It’s bad all the way around. Bad acting, bad writing, bad directing, bad story planning and plotting, the continuity is horrendous, major events happen and then aren’t followed up on (for instance Paulie murders the old lady in the nursing home and no questions ever get asked about it), the Entourage like story centered on Christopher’s movie ‘Cleaver,’ the fairy tale ending (AJ new job in movies, Meadow gets a $170,000 a year job at a law firm, Carmella’s home building business is booming)…just a bad and overrated show. And i don’t know how the other cast members stand listening to James Gandolphini’s exaggerated breathing for eight years of filming.

So here is the best and final scene of The Sopranos.

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