Week 8 Reflection

I’ve seen the video before and also have read the Overmeyer text. What i like about the video is that it portrays the attempts by four average teachers who try to incorporate more engaging and cooperative writing instruction techniques in their classes. i call them average because they seem like people who use  techniques like conferencing and peer editing and answered a call for volunteers. Which to me in unlike the Dolgin text where the entire school has instituted a school wide program to improve student writing, which seems like a best-case scenario to me. These four teachers i think are people who decided on their own to do these things and have success with them. The video didn’t do much except allow us to see what we are reading in action, instead of just reading about it. We alas got to see that not all situations are perfect. Nothing tremendous here, more like the day to day that really exists. 

I didn’t see too much value in the Overmeyer text because he works mostly with grade school kids and most of his research was done on them. He also covered many of the same things (conferencing, feedback) but in a simplistic way that to me doesn’t translate to high school. 




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  1. That’s one of the things I like best about that video, too. We all can’t work in Dolgin’s school and it’s mice to see changes on a small scale in regular classrooms that still make an impact.

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