Week 3 Q1

I don’t think any myths were debunked. I think anyone who has a familiarity with and understanding of formative assessments agree that good formative assessments should be what guides instruction and learning. The differences between summative and formative assessments are clear. I think if anything what won’t be clear is that the focus is on student learning not teaching. For teachers who have not been exposed to the idea that the focus should be on learning not teaching they may not understand the difference, and may not understand that they need to be aware when learning isn’t taken place and the steps they need to take to change it.

Although I agree that about the definition and use of good feedback I still think some type of grading system needs to be in place with the formative assessments just as they say “to keep students honest.” I think we all need these little checks to make sure we are doing what we are supposed to be doing and in some was students may want to know that their teachers are looking out for them.

I would hate to think of mandated formative assessments. These should come from within the room only. The teacher is in the room everyday with the students and knows what types of assessing they need and when and what will work with this particular group…I just don’t think that when it comes to students and groups of students the one size fits all approach is appropriate. Of course, I also find it to be beneficial if teachers get together and share ideas about what types of assessments they’ve used and what success they’ve had with them and what new ideas have cropped up, i just don’t think particular types of formative assessments should be mandated from someone who doesn’t know the room.

A weakness of mine would be maintaining a system of assessments and remembering to do them. I would need to write them down and make them a part of my lesson plans so I’d remember to do them. Another weakness I think I might have is what to do with students who are routinely behind and what can I do to help them get caught up and stay caught up. I don’t believe in moving on if all my students haven’t mastered the material but not all will and for how long can i allow them to stay behind when the rest of the class is moving forward?

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