Week 2 Q1

I don’t see as many examples of S-C than I do I-B. I think schools are moving more towards the I-B model and away from the S-C model if I understood the article correctly (I don’t think I did). When I sub I see many assignments centered around preparing students to take standardized tests (AP tests, PA benchmarks, senior projects) that I think the idea of learning is a communal activity is largely gone. Some teachers have discussion based assignments where students share ideas and learn from each other but the assessments are really geared towards what they will face when taking these standardized tests.

One thought on “Week 2 Q1

  1. Jim, have a look again at the directions/deadlines for weekly participation. These questions should be answered on the main blog so that we are all having the same conversation. On your blog, you have the chance to offer your own reflections on the reading and discussion. Shoot me an email if you need help figuring the where/when of the weekly activity.

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