Getting to know me: Assessment in English Education

Hi. My name is Jim Guiliani. I live in Bridgeville, PA, which is a little town about ten miles southwest of Pittsburgh. I am in the MEd program and hope to be finished by December of this year. I am certified to teach English 7-12. I have not yet found a full time teaching job and have done a lot of subbing the last few years. I like the online courses simply because I do not want to sit in traffic driving to and from Oakland, nor do I want to have to pay to park. I actually prefer in-person classes for the personal interaction, but the English Ed program is an online program only.

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  1. Hi Jim! I not too fondly remember driving in traffic to and from Oakland and buying a parking pass! I did that a whole year while I obtained my English teacher certification through the PY program at Pitt. While I, too, like to interact with people in-person, I have found through the online classes I have taken to finish my MEd that discussion can be just as productive and personal. I took the Media Literacies class with Dr. Oldakowski last semester, and we became this little family that held AMAZING discussions. I never knew I could feel so close to people that I have never met in person and only communicated with online. I hope to have the same thing with this class, too!

    • Hi Laura,

      I took Performance Drama with Tim during my PY year. It was a great class and I learned so much from it. I’ve incorporated performance drama into my lessons whenever possible. He was also my supervisor. I see he is a “Dr.” now, I guess he finally finished his fellowship, those programs can take so long.

  2. I was surprised to find the same thing as Laura when I taught online for the first time last semester. I never suspected I would grow so fond of a class that I had never met and have such good discussions. Maybe educators are just great students, in whatever the format!

  3. Nice to meet you, Jim! Don’t worry, you’ll get your job eventually. It’s out there, I promise. (I apologize, I know that’s annoying to hear while you’re job-searching…I got laid off a few years ago and it was a rough patch to say the least…)

    I agree, I do like sitting in class and having face time with peers and professors, but I also really enjoy being able to do my classwork at 8:00 p.m. on my laptop while the Shining plays in the background and pizza cooks in the oven. (aka, what is happening right now) I’m a Bridgeville fan, by the way! (boyfriend’s family lives there…I frequent it) If you haven’t yet, try LaBella Bean café; they have AMAZING sandwiches! 🙂 Looking forward to a great semester!

  4. I forgot to add this–I was in the PY and last semester’s online class with Laura, and I completely agree!!! We had such great, rich discussions and truly did become a family as she said. It’s definitely a unique and rewarding experience 🙂

  5. Agreed, I like the idea of being able to do work on my sofa. I do not live too far from campus (Squirrel Hill), but it is sill a hassle in the weather. Have you thought of applying for jobs outside of PA? The job market for teachers is so competitive, I wish you luck. Getting an Med will definitely boost your Resume.

    • I’ve applied in NC, NY, and FL but never heard back. I’ll keep trying out of state but I wonder if not living in the state where I apply is hurting my chances.

  6. Hi Jim! Have you been to the teacher Expo where you meet people from the school districts? It’s good to have a contact names to follow up with. I don’t know for sure, but maybe the out-of-state schools don’t know who is serious about moving away–so they don’t contact you. Maybe you have to follow up with the HR departments? And I have family in Collier, but when I write to them–their mailing address is Bridgeville, PA. You are just off I-79 which is very convenient. I have been to that sports bar on Route 50–that Pittsburgh Pizza place, but it has been a while, and I’ll have to check out LaBella Bean in Bridgeville! “See” you around! –Michelle

    • Hi Michelle,

      I went there once during my PY year. I thought that was only for student teachers, i didn’t know any certified teacher could attend.

      Weird that Collier has a Bridgeville mailing address. Where in Collier do they live? I know many people who live in South Fayette have a Bridgeville PO but I wasn’t aware some people in Collier do too.

      Do you mean Burgh’s? I used to hang out there a lot a long time ago.

  7. Hi Jim. I don’t know about the career fair anymore. I work in a college–so have not attended that for a while. Maybe the new education career person can help you with the information. Hopefully you got her e-mails where she left her contact information. And my folks live off 79 in a townhouse across from C-V High School/Middle School. They live in Collier, but their mailing address is Bridgeville, PA. And Pittsburgh Pizza and Wings on Route 50 in Bridgeville is the place with the sports bar with good pizza, but I will have to check with a friend who lives nearby about it to see if it is still a good place to go to–I have not been there for a while. I like the new Primantis in Mt. Lebanon for sports specials. They have good pizza and special appetizers and drinks during Pens games. I also enjoy watching Pitt basketball there too when I have time (and when I am hungry and don’t want to cook anything)! And I wrote about Oakland food places on Chris’s blog. I always enjoy being in Oakland when I have time, but so far this year–I have not had much time, but hopefully I will have some time eventually. My friends from England will be visiting me soon, and I will show them around Oakland–the Cathedral, Phipps, the museum, etc. And they will stay in Collier/Bridgeville with my folks–they will have a nice view of I-79 with all the cars rushing around in different directions!

    • Yeah that’s a part of the Nevillewood plan. I forgot they have a Bridgeville PO there, the rest of Nevillewood has a Presto PO.

      Did you get the email about the Southern Teachers something or other? I’m going to look into that.

  8. Hi Jim! I saw that. I am currently working at a college–so I am going to stay there at this time, but I have family in the South–how nice! And I would not mind living somewhere with better weather in general! Good luck if you look into this! –Michelle

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