The Pirates chances this weekend

The Pirates have four good starting pitchers (Liriano, Burnett, Cole, and Morton) with Burnett and Morton scheduled to pitch today and tomorrow in Cincinnati, and Cole to pitch on Sunday. I give them a 50/50 chance of winning two of the three games, but they’ll need to score more than one or two runs a game to do so. As bad as their hitting is they’ll need extraordinary pitching to win the two games needed to secure a home game for the Tuesday wild card game. Had they not given away games last week to the Padres and Reds they’d only need to win one game this weekend but what’s done is done. I hope they do win two and have the home game on Tuesday because it playing that game at home gives them the best chance of winning, and also because if they win the first two they can save Cole for Tuesday in case Liriano has an off night. Preferably the first two games will be won by the same team so going into Sunday it will be known if Cole is to be scratched from his start and saved for Tuesday’s game. 

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