Unpleasant encounter of the day

I pulled up to a red light and noticed white light coming from the taillights of the car in front of me. I thought why would their parking lights be on, not thinking they might actually be reverse lights. Well they were the reverse lights and when the light turned green the driver hit the gas driving the car backwards smashing into the front end of my car. My car wasn’t damaged and the person did pull over to apologize and offer how insurance information.

I was at Barnes-n-Noble looking for stationary and had an experience that left me shaking my head. I was walking by the area near the cash register when a woman walked into a display knocking several candy bars onto the floor. I looked at her then down at the candy bars noticing that she was staring at me. I don’t know why, i didn’t make the mess. Anyway, I keep walking and after a few seconds of looking at me she lets out a “Huff,” then bends over at begins picking up the bars. An employee walks over, offers to help, and the woman says “Can you believe he just kept walking?” The employee made no response I heard but seriously lady, you made the mess you clean it up.

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