Wrecked cars


Pictures of some of the cars I’ve wrecked.

Top photos: February of 2016 I was driving southbound on my town’s main road. There is a major intersection just before crossing from the next town into mine. The intersection is four-way and doesn’t have a green arrow for any direction (it does now). On the left side coming out of my town is a new shopping center with an Aldi’s, Starbucks, and Chipotle. People turning left into that lot have to yield on green. It was a dangerous intersection and many people turning left didn’t yield the right-of-way. That’s what I encountered. As I entered the intersection a teenager turn left in front of me and I drove straight into her. I didn’t have time to stop nor did she try to stop or avoid me. My car was totaled and again I went from having a perfectly fine paid-off car to having to get a new car with a payment. She didn’t get a ticket, I don’t believe, and her car insurance paid for everything. Since then the light has been redesigned and now there is a left turn arrow for people who want to go to Starbucks or Aldi’s.

Middle photos: I was parked along the curb on the right side of the road. The building I was parked next to is at the corner of two roads. Before I pulled out I looked over my shoulder and didn’t see a car coming. The person that hit me was making a left onto the street where I was parked and, in my view, cut the turn too sharply and quickly, didn’t see me, and hit me. The police officer told me know matter how it went down I was at fault because I was pulling out onto the road from a parked position and therefore it was my responsibility to make sure the lane was clear.

The car got fixed. I didn’t get a ticket, nor did my insurance rate increase.

Bottom photos: Boise, ID. I was out driving and came to a four-way intersection with stoplights in all directions. My side of the intersection had four lanes. Two for straight ahead and two for left turns. I was in a lane to go straight and the first or second car at the light. The two lanes to my left were for turning left and had their own lights with the left-turn arrow. The woman in the white jeep was behind me but stopped about thirty feet behind me. I don’t know why. The left turn lights turned green. Seeing the left turn arrows turn green caused me to take my foot off my brake, drift for a foot or two then stop again. Next thing I know this Jeep hits me hard. My guess is that the driver also saw the left turn arrows turn green and assuming it was her light that was green, floored it.

Her Jeep had no damage. It has one of those rambar things on it. The back end of mine was smashed and undrivable. The Jeep driver got a ticket for inattentive driving and I had to by a new car. This really pissed me off. I loved that Civic. It was small but had a hatch which increased storage space. I drove it across country without any problem. The gas mileage was over 40mpg combined. And it was paid for. My insurance company paid for a rental car while I looked for a new car. This took a month because I loved the car they gave me, a Ford Escort. I talked to a lawyer about suing the other driver because now I was going to have a car payment I didn’t want. He said sorry but this was one of those occasions where I had to take the hit and move on.

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